Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking A Trip- Part 2...Monday

 "WOW! Did you see that?"..."What is that?"..."Look mommy! I recognize that!"..."I'm scared we might get bombed. Do you really think this place is safe?

The drive into Washington D.C. was full of excitement for all of us. AJ and I felt like kids as we pointed out to the kids all the exciting monuments while driving by on the interstate.

"Just wait children, we'll go see those monuments, Lord-willing. First we are headed to the Arlington Cemetery!"

                                      As we walk up to the grounds, we pause to read the sign.

We explain to our blessings the importance of not being rowdy, and showing respect to those who have served our country.

It wasn't until I looked out over the grounds, that I was overcome with emotions. Each tombstone represented a man who has served our country for the freedom of the people.

 I have the kids sit on a wall as I also discuss with them that each one of these soldiers sacrificed much in their lives to serve us. We should be very grateful and humbled.


                                    We headed up to see the John F. Kennedy  "Eternal Flame.
     Here is My Man, AJ, explaining to the kids what we are about to see and why we are to be silent.

We then headed to the Guarding of the Tomb Of The Unknown and watching the switching of the guards.


                               Poor Zechariah was so cold he sat there very still most of the time.
Thank you, Soldier, to you and your family for your life sacrificed for us...

 After leaving the cemetary, we headed to see the Lincoln Memorial. With all of the traffic and unsure of where we were to park, we crossed over this bridge 5 times. I began laughing really hard, although I don't think anyone else was amused.

We decided to call it quits for awhile and have dinner at the our van. We then decided to attempt the Lincoln Memorial once again. But on the way we got side tracked.

                                                            We saw the Capital...

                                                              National Treasury...

                                      Here's the children in front of the President's house-notice Zechariah is still "frozen"
With 4 layers of clothes on, I was still cold, so I brought a blanket...Forget fashion...warmth was all I was worried about.


                              We then walked the grounds of the Washington Monument...

                                                      which was chiseled by these tools...


                                                     My Man and me...I love this guy!

That's what we did Monday...up next tomorrow will be our Tuesday's events...which turned out to have an unexpected blessing!!!

But before I say goodnight, I want to give thanks to our Great God who has blessed us with this vacation and extra time as a family. He truly blesses us more than we deserve!

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Camille said...

What a wonderful trip Christina...I'm so happy for you! What a LOT you crammed into that one day!! It is amazing to think of all those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. God has truly blessed us beyond measure. What blessing it is to remind ourselves that HE is on the Throne and HE is in complete and Sovereign control of all things. We rest in HIM!

Love to you!