Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Trip- Part 3...Tuesday

Monday night we entered into Maryland to spend the night. This was all of ours first time in Maryland. We were excited to see the state the next morning on our drive back to Virginia.

                     Here are a few pictures. It was a beautiful, hilly state (at least where we were at).

                      Our first stop was Mount Vernon where our first president, George Washington lived.

                                                              Sheep up on a hill.

A family picture "with" President Washington, First Lady Martha, and their grandchildren.

                                                             Mount Vernon


                                              President Washington's privy house (outhouse)...


                                  Potomic River behind the house...isn't God's creation beautiful! 


                                                                             Some pictures of the grounds and inside the museum...



                                        Kids working on their puzzle to get a free souvenir...


                                                While Zechariah pushed his stroller around...

                                                            Mr. President's sword...


On our way back to the van...

                                 We then headed to the Capital. We decided we wanted to go in.


While there, we met an officer. He was there when we entered into the building. While I waited on AJ with the kids who didn't take the elevator, we began talking. He was a very kind man who immediately took to the kids once he heard we were from Texas. He lived there for several years while going to school and working in the law enforvcement.

We said our goodbyes and headed to get tickets to see the Tundra. While down there, AJ was called by an officer to return to the top floor. Aj, nervous he did something, went up there. The man who spoke to us earlier decided to give us a personal tour. He gave us many facts about the building. But our unexpected blessing was he took us into places the normal public doesn't get to go. Telling us info. about  things that go on behind the scenes. It was all very interesting and exciting to be in these places.  AJ and I were constantly amazed at what we were being able to see. It was truly a visit that we won't forget. By far, this has been the highlight of our trip so least to AJ and I. The kids are to young to appreciate what they saw.

                                         Pictures from inside the Capital (which do not do them justice)...God truly blessed the man (forget his name) who designed this with great talent!

 Outside where they are currently building President Obama's platform for his inauguration. You can see the wood if you look carefully.

This is where all of the important people people sit like Senators, past presidents and their wives, family members, etc...this way if they are cold, need to use the restroom, get a drink... they can easily walk in the capital

                                   A few views from the balcony (as the day went on it grew colder and        cloudier)......


                            Thank you, kind officer, for blessing us. You truly went beyond your duty to make our trip more memorable!!!


         It was bitter cold when we left the Capital. Everyone was a trooper in not complaining while we walked back to our van (a few blocks away.) We loaded up to head to our hotel.

                                                                          We stayed in


Very exciting once again!!! A state none of us had been before. But before we checked into our hotel, we enjoyed the treat of eating at Crackel Barrell ( I have been making all of our meals). Some of the kids enjoyed hot chocalate while some of us played checkers.

This trip so far has been amazing. I am beyond thankful to our Lord and His great blessings upon our family. His mercy is ever so great! I give Him all praise!

                                       Till tomorrow (Lord-willing), be blessed and honor the Lord!

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