Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Move" Part 3

After the bad experience mentioned in my last post, I was looking forward to staying in the new hotel I had found for my family. Though I was not supposed to check in for several hours, I drove to the new hotel with anticipation of what it would be like.

I walk in and was greeted my the most pleasant smile yet in Texas. I asked if I could check in early and with a cheerful voice the lady said I could. I parked our van, let the kids out of their seats, and began unloading our things onto a laundry cart. Because of it just opening this day, they had not received carts to bring our luggage in yet.

Kaylyn pretending to be a horse pulling a wagon

I was presented a rose for being their first customer at the hotel.
Dinner living in a hotel:

During the day, while AJ was working, the children and I would ride around looking for a place to live. Every few days, we would take the day off and go to a park. The kids would run and play with much excitement while I would sit watching them and then at times join in to play while Zechariah slept.
At this particular park, the kids found a present for their friend.

Can you guess what it is?

It's a toad!

This was for you, Elijah A.

The toad never made it to his house as he got loose in the van and was never to be found....

Each weekend we would travel home to get ready for the movers and so I could make dinner for the week and catch up on laundry. On this particular day, I decided to stop at a beach because the kids had been especially good for the week so I wanted to treat them.

As the days turned into weeks living at the hotel, the staff became our dear friends. Each morning our trip to the breakfast area brought excitement for the kids who would try to guess who was working "that day". Our new friends would come greet us and keep us company when able. They would bring them candy, give them cookies and even planned a little party for them on Halloween. Since we don't celebrate this holiday, we told the kids it was "dress up day" at the hotel.
Our Friends: Dianne, Kayla, Hailey and Shay ( not pictured)...
ordered pizza...

gave stickers and more.

This is Shay, who gave the children balloons on a different occasion:

The cleaning ladies would set up the kids animals on the bed for them. This always put a smile on the kids face:The kids would help the ladies do their jobs in the mornings:

The kids had a blast living at the hotel. Every time we leave the house, the kids want to visit their friends and Elijah, the 2 yr. old, says, "Pass Hotel?"

I thank God for their generosity to my family. They will never know how much their kindness meant to me as I was dealing with sadness in leaving my friends "back home" and coming to a unknown place.They are dear friends to my heart and I pray our friendship will continue for many years to come.