Friday, April 24, 2009

7 weeks!!!

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since our Zechariah has been born! He is a delightful baby who goes through more diapers than any of my others! :)

This is Zechariah (2 weeks old)with his great grandmother who will be 90 this year:

He has been quite busy the first weeks of his life. He has already left his home state of Lousianna to travel down to Florida for the funeral of my grandfather...his great grandfather. He never had the chance to meet my Papa Bob but I can assure you Papa Bob would have loved him greatly!

Zechariah has been to the beauty school where he was giving his GQ poses like this one for the ladies ( in this picture he is 3 weeks old)...

He has worked steadily at making sure he catches up with the others by being the fastest grower with the weight gain of 2 pounds in less than a month! ( It must be all those extra sweets I am eating!). My other babies stayed in their preemie clothes till they were almost 5 months old...not this one, he will be moving up to NEWBORN clothes shortly...

All the kids love him dearly.

Katie Faith is the "Mother Hen" of the group. She is always close by to make sure he is ok. She spends quite a bit of her day loving and kissing on him, and she thinks she is teaching him to sit already!

Kaylyn loves to talk to him and "E" will whiz by and give him a kiss through out the day.

Elijah loves to hold him and give cheek to cheek kisses for a brief moment and then off he is to play again. He is always quick to inform me when the baby is "I-ing" (crying) until I go and calm Zechariah down. I do not have a good picture of the two of them but here is one of Elijah just because I did not want to leave him out.

Zechariah is just beginning to smile. It is still hard for him to give one but he gave his biggest one yet to his daddy...just last night ( look at thos chubby cheeks and double chin)......

I enjoy my morning snuggles with him and wathing his little eyes fall asleep so content in my arms. I even enjoy all the diaper changes...even though I have been squirted a time or two, most of the time he gets himself in the face.

I thank God for this little blessing and pray for discernment and wisdom on how to raise him.

I look forward to seeing him grow stage by stage...not to quickly though!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He Must be a Devil Worshiper!

Have you ever been guilty of judging someone for the way they look?

Suppose you were out in the public and saw a teen dressed in all black. "Devil worshiper", "He is trying to draw attention to himself", "He must be wild and on drugs" are a few things you may your head or even say to a friend.

I have been guilty of this myself.

Instead of judging people who don't "look" the way WE think they should, we should be quick to think...there could be a beautiful person in there. Maybe they are sad and depressed and are searching for happiness. Maybe they just like black. Maybe they have never heard the Gospel. Maybe no one has taken the time to really know this person...created by God.

Does this person have a bad home life, no father in their life, maybe a mom who is to "busy" to take time for her children.

And most importantly...

"Does this person know Christ?"

And then what? What do we do next?

Pray for this person. Be bold...strike up a conversation with him. Get to know him. Share Christ, give him a track.

What if they reject me? I do not like people to reject me...but are they rejecting me...or Christ?

BUT the seed has been planted. The Lord could use this to save his soul, most likely not at that moment but it may 10 years down the road...even though I may never see this young person dressed like a "satan worshiper" again after that day in public.

We never know what God will do. How He will use us.

Please pray I would be bold. I am not. I pass out tracts but to go and speak to someone is hard for me.

I desire to be bold but to be pride gets in the way...I want people to like me. What a shame! I think more about myself than a strangers soul.

May I be convicted each time I pass up the chance to share Christ and don't!