Saturday, July 23, 2011

PLEASE Pray For These Two Who Hurt...and Consider

This past week has been emotional.

It started on Monday, we received the news of a young girl we know, Maelynn, that her father Maxie had passed away.

9 days before he passed, he was working hard. Enjoying life. A few days later he said he hadn't fell well for a bit and decided he needed to be checked out. He went to the hospital to learn he had liver cancer. They sent him home with 2 weeks to live.

7 days later, he passed away.

My heart breaks for this young girl at the age of 16. Since I have met her she has often mentioned her love for her daddy. It was very obvious they were close.

Our family went to the wake, it was hard to look at her, walking around greeting people, giving out hugs. She seemed ok. Said she was holding up ok. I couldn't help to tear up often knowing that once these times end, reality will set in.

She will miss her daddy. She will cry out wanting to be held by him. She will grieve the loss of her hero.

After returning from the funeral on Friday, I went outside to grab my cup out of the van around dinner.

While out there I learned of some other news that sunk my heart.

Our neighbors, Fernando and Lisa, who are a young couple, have been expecting their first child. They have been excited, getting the house ready for their new blessing.

They didn't want to know the gender of their baby, wanted it to be a surprise. Her parents came in town a week before the due date to be there when the baby was born.

I talked to Lisa a couple of days before she had the baby, briefly sharing in the excitement of the upcoming birth of their baby. I offered a meal once the family left.

2 weeks have passed, I have seen many cars and family in town. I anxiously, but patiently can't wait till the family leaves to visit our neighbors and see their child. Wondering if she had a boy or girl.

Again, while out to get my cup, I learn of some dreadful news.

While in labor, the baby became distressed and they had to do an emergency c-section.

That night a precious life was brought in this world, but another was leaving.

This newest little blessing's mommy was dying.

Due to the mom and baby having some problems, they wanted to airlift them to a hospital in Houston for extensive medical care.

On the ride over in the trauma hawk, with the baby on one side, and his wife on the other, Fernando witnessed his wife die.

I am so saddened for this young man. A joyous moment he was expecting turned into a time of grief and heartache.

My heart has been hurting so much for Fernando.

I look over at our neighbors house and am so saddened.

It seems empty. Lonely.

I can not imagine what this man is going through. A time he thought he would be sharing with Lisa as new parents has dramatically changed.

The heartache he feels. He lost his best friend. In a time of grief, one would naturally turn to their spouse. Yet his wife is gone.

But life doesn't stop.

He has a little girl to take care of. A little girl who will never hear her mothers voice. Know the warm touch of her mother. She won't experience the love that her mommy already so strongly had for her.

Alicia will be discharged from the hospital Tuesday. Fernando will pick her up, strap her in her little car seat, and bring her home to the room her parents prepared for her.

He will bring her home to a house filled with many memories and have to start new ones without his beloved.

Fernando, a first time daddy, will be on his own to take care of little Alicia. Try to calm her cries, wake up every 2 hours, witness her first smile...alone.

I ask you, please pray. Pray for Maelynn who lost her daddy, pray for Fernando and Alicia. For both are greatly hurting.

Pray for our family as we reach out to serve these people. Pray that Christ would shine through us. For His glory.

And I urge you to consider...

Consider your loved ones. Do you spend time with them? Do you get mad over little things? Do you lay yourself aside to spend extra time with your child? Do you tell them you love them? Do you treasure your loved ones?

For you do not know when the last time you will see them. When they will see you.

God has a plan, and we do not know when he will take us from this earth.

You could die tonight. I could. Your loved one.

And most importantly, I ask you to consider one more thing...

If you were to die, would you know where you would go?

Most think they will go to heaven. But are you sure?

Good works won't get you to heaven. Neither will being kind. Nor trying to help those in need.

Have you ever lied?...Lusted over a lady?...Coveted someones car or life, talent...etc? Did you ever disobey your parents when you were little?

If you are honest, you will admit you are guilty. You have sinned against God our Creator by breaking His 10 Commandments. I have broken His commandments.

We all are sinners.

If you were to die tonight, based on knowing you have broken the most Holy God's commandments, do you think you would be innocent or guilty in the eyes of God?

Since God is holy, and can not be near sin, do you, based on breaking the 10 Commandments, think you would go to heaven or hell? If you have not put your trust in Christ and repented of your sins, then you will be sent to hell.

I am not trying to be harsh, but share my love with you. I care about your soul.

If you don't have a relationship with Christ, trust and believe in Him and have not asked for forgiveness for your sins, I urge you, today, to seek Christ.