Friday, June 4, 2010


Today our Katie Faith turns the BIG SIX!!! It seems like yesterday she was born and I was changing her diapers, nursing, and excited to see each new stage she reached...crawling, first teeth, first steps......


19 months (with her crazy hair):

The years are passing by quickly...

2 years:
but joyful ones they are...

3 years:

A few tidbits about our Girlie Girl:

Nickname is Katie Bug.
Loves to wear dresses.
Favorite animal is a pig.
Loves to be with her siblings and gets upset if she has to sleep or play alone.
Is learning to read and can now sound out simple words.
Prays almost everyday to live on a farm and have a pet pig named Wilbur.
Favorite food is pizza with extra sauce.
Likes to color.
Just learned to ride a two wheeler...on her own.
Likes school.
Favorite and pink.
Loves to wear pig tails.

Some of my favorite things things about Katie Faith are:
Her helper's heart....... She will offer to help me cook, clean, take care of her little brother, and change diapers...even when she has free time.

Katie Faith perseveres in tough times. When she is having a hard time with something, she will often keep trying, even through the tears, until she accomplishes what she is trying to do.

Her smile. Katie Faith has a smile that brings joy to ours and many others heart. It is not just the smile, but the spirit behind the smile that comes out in her smiling eyes . One of cheer and a warm sweetness.


Katie Faith is very excited today being 6. It is a special day for now she is allowed to use a knife. Something she has been looking forward to all year long. And she has informed us she now wants to be called by her real name...Katherine.

Our Dearest Katherine,

We love you and are proud to be your parents. We commit our lives to raise and train you to be a Godly lady who has "Pure Faith" just like your name means. We know we fail you in this task at times and appreciate your faithfulness in always forgiving us cheerfully. You have an inner strength about you that we pray you will use for the Lord in perseverance in serving Him for His glory. We love you and pray, as you grow this next year, it won't only be in size, but in the Lord.

Happy 6th Birthday!
Love, Daddy and Mommy


Joelle said...

Oh the blessing of girls! Congrats on one of your children reaching a milestone as well. Zach turning 6 was a bigger milestone for me than loosing the teeth. I pray that she continues to grow in Christ's likeness.

Amy said...

I can't believe "Katherine" is 6 today. She looks just like Kaylyn in the current photo!!! Plus, she wants to be so big by changing her name back to her full name instead of Katie Faith....too BIG!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Unknown said...

She looks so much bigger in the current picture and I can't believe she already wants to be called by her grown-up name! I still don't want to be called by mine...LOL!

Pat said...

I was going along fine until I read the part about her sweet smile - then I teared up. That is my favorite part of Katherine Faith - along with he giggle and soft voice. What a blessing from God. I can't wait to see all of you soon!!

Cinnamon said...

That was such a sweet post to a sweet girlie girl :-)


Kristy said...

Oh how sweet! I LOVE that picture of her with the pumkin!
Happy Birthday "Katherine"!