Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy's Little Helper!

Elijah may just have turned two a couple of months ago but he is surprisingly a good sweeper for his age. May God continue to give him a cheerful heart who wants to serve in our household by helping out!


Tracy said...

Love the new header! Need to type the title on the image in the center!!

My nephew loves to sweep too and he's not 2 yet!

Joelle said...

That's cute. Way to go! MY 3 year old like to help to. Just yesterday he was helping me taking out the recycling and do laundry. I need to catch him on camera next time.

Kristy said...

Start em young! (I wish I had done that with my oldest!!)

Oh, I just noticed that silly picture of the whole family - too cute!