Monday, June 15, 2009

Plans Tonight?

What are you doing this Monday night? Fixing dinner? Watching tv? Bathing kids? Reading a book?...What? What is that you ask? What am I doing?...I am glad you asked...

I am having a date with my wonderful, handsome husband.

No, we are not getting a sitter. No, we are not going out to dinner, we are staying right here, at our house.

Every Monday is our date night. I wake up looking forward to this special time with AJ. I make sure dinner is done early. I think about what we are going to do. I try to fix up myself a little sometimes.

But what about the kids? What are they doing?

They get the privileged of going to bed an hour early. At first when we began our date nights, they did not understand why or like it but now they know, this is "Daddy and Mommy's Special Date Night." Beginning in the morning, I begin reminded them it is our date night. They actually sometimes get excited for us...until I remind them they go to bed early. :)

Though some may think this is selfish of us, I would highly debate the issue.

We are teaching the kids that our relationship is important. AJ sees me as the most precious in his life ( besides Christ) and AJ is most important in my life ( again...except for Christ). They see we love each other so much we are setting time aside to spend time with one another. They learn that life is not all about them. I get the desired time of being with my husband and enjoy the adult stimulation after a long day of taking care of our kids who can be demanding, whiny, or disobedient at times. Our dates nights have grown us closer as we spend quality time with one another.

Don't forget to nurture your relationship with your spouse. One day our children will be gone. It is important to keep our love "alive" so your relationship with your spouse won't be "lost".
I encourage each one of you who are married to try to pick a day once a week, or whatever is most convenient for you, to set aside time for one another. We chose Monday's because the kids are usually extra tired from staying up late on Sunday nights after church.

So, what do we do on these nights? Well, it depends on the night. We may watch a movie, play a game, read, talk,etc...Whatever we decide.

Tonight, we are playing a game. My FAVORITE game in the whole wide world!

Settler's of Catan

Anyone ever hear of or played this game before? If not, you HAVE to get it! It is the best game! I could play it everyday. Sometimes I even dream about it. I am not that good but still love the challenge each time I play.

So, this is what I am doing tonight.......going on a date with my great husband whom I cherish so much, playing Settler's! And I plan on winning!!! :)

Who do you think will win?.....Stay tuned to see who the winner is of tonight's game is!!!

P.S. What is your favorite game? What would you recommend we try one night?


King of Catan - George said...

I know "Your Man" very well and the skills he possesses, and I suppose that he will probably mop his Catan metropolis' floor with your meager settlements. And I also know that he will completely enjoy his time with you and thoroughly looks forward to it. BTW, he says he loves you, MORE!

Tracy said...

How sweet! Our kids are older and we get to leave them at home and enjoy a night out!

Glad you enjoy your time together! Great picture btw!

Never played it, and we love to play games!My favorite is Skip-bo.

Jenn said...

What a beautiful picture!!! I love it!! Never played the game before so I can't wait to hear more!!

Amy said...

This is a neat idea! I might have to share I hope you eat George's I mean AJ's lunch. Nice try AJ trying to hide your identity!!!!!! :)Ya'll are so cute.

Joelle said...

That is great! I am a big advocate of date time, not that we do it. But we do spend time alone in the evenings.

Kristy said...

What a sweet picture - you'd better frame that one.

Also such a good idea, about having date night in the house, and I'm all for getting the kids to bed an hour early - if only that would work with mine.....

I'll have to look into this game!