Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fruits and Veg. Challenge!

Did you say vegetables? Fruit? Can they be in one dish and it be good? I mean really, who would put vegetables with fruit?......That would be me! :)

At our house, we skip the iceberg lettuce salad and go straight for the spinach. Even my kids detest iceberg lettuce. They say it is nasty, I agree.

When I fix our salads I ask everyone what they want in their salad. If they want it....they get it, unless it is a cookie or something like that.

Here are a few things I add if requested and I have them already here at the house:

Raisins, grapes, apples, nuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, strawberries...I know there has been other things requested, but can't remember them right now ( The raisins and grapes add a nice sweet flavor).

What is that you ask? Dressing? What do we use for dressing? My husband likes to make his own creation of olive oil and other "stuff", not sure what because he makes it, I like Ranch, and the kids?......Applesauce, unsweetened that is. They LOVE it on their salads ( and fish sticks and hamburgers, and....well...I don't want to gross you out to much!).

That is what we do for salads. Now for snacks:

Frozen grapes.
Frozen blueberries.
Healthy Smoothies made into popsicles.
Watermelon cut into different shapes with cookie cutters.
Baby carrot sticks (my kids think they are fun).
Apple with peanut butter.
Dehydrated apples or pineapple.

These are a few things we like to eat as snacks. My kids do like cookies but they get more excited when they have the why not give that to then all of the time!

As far as vegetables as a snack...if you have any...please let me know! That would be great to add to my snack list! At least to mommy!

If you would like some more ideas, check out Heavenly Homemakers.


Tracy said...

First of all I LOVE Strawberry Spinach that's fruit w/ veg!

Second, my favorite snack is Celery with PB and Baby Carrots.

We do love smoothies too! Just add a cup of ice, 1/2c milk, 1/2c yogurt and whatever fruit you have to a blender! YUM and pretty healthy!

SnoWhite said...

I LOVE frozen grapes!! :)

We enjoy sweet potato fries as a snack -- I have a recipe on my blog, if you're interested.

Unknown said...

Bell peppers would be a good vegetable snack...and my kids like them and it's cool since they come in 4 different colors.

Taryn said...

Your home salad's sound so much like ours ~~ 'cept we add sliced kiwi, craisins, fresh snap beans (which makes a great snack too), and sliced sweet pickles (William's idea). We also like sliced raw yellow squash for a snack and in our salad. And I'm a huge fan of zucchini sticks to snack on too. Yummy!

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I have great intentions in eating more fruits & veggies, but alas--it just doesn't happen as often as it should. And my daughter? HA! We're working on it, though!

Christian Frugal Mama said...

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but it looks like that Pinecone Research link is already over. Because they're so good, Pinecone research is by invitation only and can be hard to get into. I do have an email "Friends" invite they sent a long time ago. It's kinda old, so it may not work, but if you send me an email or leave me a comment, I'll forward it to you. Thanks!

Kristy said...

Okay, you have me feeling totally bad about our eating habits. Out of our 3 kids, one will eat veggies good, the older one I must force, and the youngest one will spit them out. And none of us are really fruit eaters! I will eat veggies anyday over fruits. I WISH I loved to eat so healthy (and the kids too).