Monday, June 15, 2009

And the Winner Is......

My last post was about AJ and I taking each Monday night to spend quality time together. I mentioned we were going to play Settler's Of Catan. And we did. :)

AJ set up the board while I took a shower.

And as we always do, we shook hands and said, "May the fun begin."

We both had great spots and were doing well. I took a couple of spots AJ wanted ( Hee, Hee!!!) and was on the roll.

Until...this move.

It was the move that changed the game for AJ. In about 2-3 turns he went from losing to winning the game.

I was mad ( not really)...

He was happy!!!

But in the end, I look at MY MAN and the love I have for him came over me and I had a "Love Burst" for AJ.

So here you have it, AJ won "Settler's" but I am the true winner because I have a great husband who wants to spend time with me.

This may seem like a simple night to you but it reminds me of God's goodness of Him blessing me with a wonderful man who desires to love and nurture me with his time. God truly has given me a great guy......even though he beat me in my favorite game again......

I am off to bed now, going to dream about Settler's and......

Good night!


Tracy said...

lol...oh well! There is always next time, eh?

Kristy said...

How sweet!

I have never even heard of that game. My husband is not a board game man - much to my dismay!

Oh, and I LOVE your blog background!

Kristy said...

You did it Christine! I love it! The header couldn't be any more perfect either! Great job!