Monday, June 2, 2008


" I felt the baby kick,AJ. Do you think it is a girl or boy? Only a few more days we will know." ( June 1st, 2004)

"It's a GIRL!!!"" ( June 4, 2004)

"What is her name?" Asks the nurse.

" Katherine Faith Erwin" with love in my heart, I reply.

Our precious 3rd child, Katie Faith, as we call her, will be turning 4 in 2 days. It is hard to believe how quickly the time went by. It seems like yesterday AJ was swaddling her up tightly ( he is very good at it)to finish it off with a gentle kiss to her forehead as he whispers, " I love you Katie Bug".

Now our Katie Bug is running around, jumping, dressing up like a ballerina, learning her ABC's and 123's. You will find a smile on her face most of the time. She is full of sweetness and admiration for her big sister, Kaylyn. Her favorite color: blue. Favorite animal: pig..."stinky pig" as she refers to them ( which she has brought up twice the past week she wants one for a pet...tonight she prayed for one..."if it is your will, God".

Yesterday at church was Katie Faith's last day in nursery. When
children turn 4 at our church, Trinity Baptist Church, they move out of the nursery into the "big kids" class and sit in church during the sermons. This is a bitter sweet time for me as a mommy.

We home school, so I don't send my children off to kindergarten, watching them get on the bus for the first time, BUT I see them graduate from nursery. It is always emotional for me, tears swell up in my eyes, realizing my baby is growing up.

For Katie Faith, it is exciting. Mrs. Pat, who has been with her from the beginning in nursery, bought her a "goodbye gift".

Katie Faith has been waiting to open this gift for weeks ( even though she knew what it was) as Mrs. Pat had it
sitting on the table in nursery.

As she takes the present and sits down in the big rocking chair,you can see the excitement in her eyes. She takes her time to unwrap it very carefully. At last she completes the task to see it is her very own, brand new, BIBLE, with her name written in it.
She flips through the many pages with excitement and joy.

Back to remembering "The Days":
When AJ and I were trying to decide on names we would look at the meanings. When we saw what "Katherine" meant... "Pure" it went perfect with "Faith"


As AJ and I raise our children, it is our desire to raise them up for the Lord. To teach them of HIS ways and truths. Train them young who the true God is...The God of the Holy Bible. Show them by our example that He is holy, worthy to be praised, always faithful to us, rich in mercy and grace.

My prayer for Katie Faith is that she will have a PURE FAITH in our Lord, Jesus Christ. That she would trust and believe in HIM as her own personal Saviour one day. I could not want anything less than this for my "girly girl"

Remember above when I mentioned how excited she was to get that new Bible? Just as she was excited to see her name written in it and flipped through the pages with excitement and joy, I pray one day, she will hold the very same BIBLE in her hands, knowing her name is written in "God's Book of Believer's", flipping through the pages with excitement knowing she will learn more and more of her Saviour, Jesus Christ, each time she reads it, and having joy in her heart that the Lord changed her heart from a sinful little girl to one who has "PURE FAITH" in God.

Mommy loves you, Katie Faith!!!!!!

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Taryn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE FAITH!!! A day late here, but I don't feel too bad because I was fortunate enough to be able to sing happy birthday to you on THE day, yesterday.

Hang in there, Christine.... what a beautiful time right now. And just think, she'll be in YOUR class now! :) And what great memories of your Katie Bug. She IS precious. And I too pray that one day she'll have Pure Faith!