Monday, June 9, 2008

Katie Faith's Birthday

Katie Faith's birthday started out with a big smile. She woke up excited she is now a "big girl". Her siblings were so excited for her jumping up and down, giggling and treating her extra special.

On each person's birthday in our family they get to choose their breakfast and dinner. Katie Faith chose muffins. So I arose early and made blueberry, banana and nut, blueberry/strawberry, and strawberry muffins. I made some big and some mini muffins ( the kids love when I make them mini...they taste better).

Katie Faith sat in her decorated chair with streamers and balloons. She got to say the morning prayer. Kaylyn brought her 3 muffins to her on a decorated plate with 4 lit candles. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Katie Faith and she got to blow them out.

For dinner, she wanted to make pizza. So we made our dough and the kids got to flatten out their dough, put their sauce and cheese on. They had a great time.

Throughout the day Katie Faith would say with excitement she is "big now and gets to go into the 'big kids' Sunday school class. At one time I caught her looking in a full length mirror at herself. She called my name with excitement and said," Mommy, look how big I am today! I am growing up!" I asked her if she got taller because she turned the Big 4 and she replied, " Yes Mam".

We ate dinner at church with our good friends, The Avants ( check out Taryn's blog). Once again, we placed candles on the pizza and we all sang "Happy Birthday".

The following day, we took Katie Faith for her birthday dinner. She chose Ryan's. They sang happy birthday to her and she got to open up her present. She received an overnight pink backpack. Inside the pocket were her very own first nail polish, purple and pink. She kept giggling with joy.

We thank God for blessing us with Katie Bug. She is a real joy in our lives. A smile that is to sweet to describe. AJ and I are thankful to God for our precious Katie Bug.

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