Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

We have had a good day. We started our day off with the breakfast of his choice...
homemade macaroni and cheese topped with 4 candles...

while sitting in his special chair decorated with feathers, ball stickers, balloons and streamers.

Daddy came home for lunch to celebrate it with us. Not much was done during the day except Katie Faith did school with him and he took a nap.

When daddy arrived home from work, we all piled up in the van and headed to Pizza Hut...Elijah's choice. He enjoyed his dinner and we even let him have sweet tea since it was his birthday.

When we arrived home, it was time to open presents. Each sibling took great time and care to make Elijah a card and pick out a gift for him.

Katie Faith gave Elijah her favorite blue bowl. I made sure she was ok and knew it was now going to belong to him, but she insisted she wanted him to have it since he loves blue.
Kaylyn made a card and printed out a picture of the two them. Elijah's face lit up when he saw the picture.

E also made him a card and gave him a lot of little goodies.

Now it was time for his present from mommy and daddy. We usually let the kids pick out a book for their birthdays, but we decided on something different this one time.

First, we made him close his eyes and wait...as E brought in his gift from us...

his FIRST bike!
He was very surprised and excited!!!

A few facts about our Elijah Bear...

Some of his favorite things are balls, the color blue, his froggy, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.

He loves to help me in the kitchen and follow his daddy around when he is home to help with manly duties.

Elijah is bashful, yet assertive when he "needs" to be.

He can dress himself, although he might put his pants on backwards most the time. ;)

He likes to snuggle, and he always has one hand on his pants to hold them up (not even a belt helps).
"Elijah Bear, Daddy and Mommy love you very much! You are a true joy and treasure to our lives. We pray God will give us the wisdom and knowledge to raise you for the Lord and you will become a man whose heart follows and serves Jesus Christ. Happy 4th Birthday, our BIG boy!!!!!!"


Laura said...

Happy 4th Birthday Elijah!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, enjoy your new bike!

His bondservant said...

How adorable Elijah is! What a blessing from the Lord. Please pass on our birthday wishes to him!

Starfish Momma said...

Awww, what a wonderful day! Elijah sure is a little sweetie. I was laughing a little when it came to the part about him holding his pants up ;) Thinking back to the last co-op day, I thought, "he so totally does that!" Lots of great memories created :) Happy birthday little Elijah man!

Taryn said...

What a great day for Elijah Bear!!! It's still hard to believe he's 4 years old! He's a Big Boy now. I just love that little cutie!

Camille said...

Oh Christine...I am so touched by these wonderful Birthday posts you have done! Your children really are treasures and you value them as such! Beautiful! *Love* the little photo of him holding up his pants...way too cute! How lovely that you document the *little* things that you are likely to forget when they stop doing them. Happiest of Birthdays to your Elijah. :)

Many blessings,