Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Zechariah!

Two years and 8 1/2 months ago, AJ and I learned of our newest blessing from our Lord in my womb. It was an exciting time for us. We were overjoyed and and I was VERY sick. At my first drs. appt, they did an ultrasound to check how far along I was.

During this time, the technician and dr. noticed something unusual about my blessing. He had many problems. To read more on this and my feelings, go here.

As the months passed, we were anticipating this wonderful blessing from God. With many in the delivery room to assist in the troubles that were predicted by man, my little boy was born.

Zechariah David.

He was born healthy. Though some would say, "Praise the Lord" and that we did, we would love our Zechariah even if he was not "normal" according to our world's standards.

7 weeks later he was admitted to the hospital and later to find out he had Pertusis. Not until recently did I realize the danger and how serious this illness was for a young one at this age. He should not be alive this day, but our Great God had other plans.

This picture is not the best quality to it but it has so much meaning to me.

After Zechariah being lifeless for the day, with an oxygen level in the 60's and his life wasting away, he was litarally slowly dying before my eyes. People were rushing around, drs were being called. When things started to settle down, and he was now concious, his eyes stayed fixed on me. I will never forget it. I praised God through the whole storm, giving Him praise for whatever the outcome would be.

It was a long 6 months of concern and never leaving him alone for even a minute, but our Lord preordained for our baby to be healed. "Thank you God"

As a baby, he was more on the fussy side. Always wanting to be close to me, but I took this as a blessing, thanking God for having him by my side. Yet as he has grown older, he has become a happy baby, and now toddler.

Though Zechariah has always been considered really small for his age, he has been our biggest and chubbiest baby.

Here he is at his 1st birthday...having his first "sweet"... a banana.

Some facts about Zechariah...

His nicknames are Cracker Zech and Zecharoni (thanks Elijah A.).

He loves to make faces at us...

Hates his hair to be cut...

Loves the water...

Likes to sit and play under tables and chairs.
Likes to stand while eating...Zecharoni likes to try and keep up with his siblings at times, but other times, he rather sit and play with cars.
He already has a sense of you a stoic face and we you turn your a sly smile.

Zechariah took his first steps at 18 months...

but he did not want me to know so he continued to do his crab crawl (when I was not around he would take a few I am told)
and began walking regularly at 22 months.

He says a few words...Mommy...E... and bye-bye.
He attempts to say look "deek", Katie Faith "Tee Tee"
and please "P".

Cracker Zech is full of character and continues to blossom and try new things each week.

His weight is around 17 pounds and

his latest new found joy is running around with his hands in the air! "Our Precious Zechariah, Daddy and I are so blessed to call you our son. We look forward to watching all the new things you will learn this next year. You are a true gift from God. We love you and look forward to see how the Lord will use you for His glory. Happy 2nd Birthday!"


Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Zacharoni!!! Boy, how these 2 years have flown! I wish we could make time stand still. Little Zachey is such a blessing. Give him a hug and kiss for me and tell him I said "Happy Birthday to you!"

Camille said...

What a PRECIOUS post!! How much the LORD has taken you through with this little man Christine! How my heart went out to you during the reading of this post. How WONDERFUL our Great God is and HE does NOT make ANY mistakes! What a blessing to truly believe in HIS perfect Sovereignty! God is Good. All the time. Happiest of birthdays to your precious little one.

In Him,

His bondservant said...

How precious he is...Happy 2nd birthday to this precious blessing from the Lord! God is so very faithful!

Starfish Momma said...

What a sweet rememberance of how the Lord carried Zechariah (and you guys) through the storm. I'm with Elijah...I like Zecharoni too :) Happy birthday little man!

Joelle said...

Your boys are such sweethearts! Many continued blessings to Zachariah and Elijah. I know They are blessed to have you and AJ as their parents.

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Cinnamon said...

What a sweet glimpse into Zechariah's life. How amazing that he fixated on you during all that was going on around you in the hospital.

Happy Happy Birthday to your cute little one ♥ Love his hair!

p.s thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers!