Monday, July 20, 2009

This Is the Day

My two year old cried for 20 min. because he wanted to say goodbye to daddy and didn't get to, One child just peed on the floor and used almost a whole roll of toilet paper to try to clean it up, while I was cleaning that up, another child decided the toilet was something to play in (at least it was flushed), You can probably smell me through the computer as I smell like sour milk as I was just spit up on for the 3rd time this am. One child woke up to early and is easily upset and another is upset he has to write his own "e" in school. My stomach is upset from something I ate I think, and there is lots of work to do around the house.

I will TRY to remember God's Word..."This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice in it and be glad..."

Just another day in the house of little ones! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding us that this is the day that the Lord has made...and for letting us know that other people have days like we do.

Last week I kept thinking about this verse and what your grandmother said about being thankful that we have a house to clean, etc. When my muscles were aching, I even thanked Him that I had muscles to ache!

Amy said...

Yes, I've had a really good day today so far! However, there are many, many days like you just talked about. Great reminder for us all:)

Lori said...

What a fabulous reminder. Thank you!

Kristy said...

Yes, it can be hard to remember (and feel it) when our days go like that. Praying you have a "better" day tomorrow!

Taryn said...

WHEW!!! What a day, huh? You are not alone. I've had so many days just like the one you've described. How did you do in your test? When I have days like that I have to remind myself that it IS a test and the only way that I will pass is to draw upon the Lord's strength. This is the day.... you are blessed girlfriend!