Monday, May 25, 2009

"Kaylyn, did you......?"

There is a time in every mother's life when something happens with your child you are not sure if you like it or not. That time has arrived for me.

I knew it would, but to think of it always brought a sweet sadness in my heart. It has been slowly approaching, but for me, it was quick. It took about 2 months, yet I could have settled with 3. And even then, I think it would have been too quick.

You see, my oldest is growing up and with this comes changes. Growing out of clothes, shoes are becoming smaller, personality is is becoming more mature, and more. But there is a change that when it happens, it never goes back. You'll never see them again. THIS is the point we have reached...with Kaylyn.

When the family came home from church ( I had to stay home with Elijah and Zechariah) last night I was eager and excited to see them. I quickly opened the door to see AJ and the kids. Kaylyn and "E" came to the door and looked at me in a strange way. I looked them them both in the eyes and it hit me......

"Kaylyn, did you loose your tooth?"

With a big grin she said, "Yes" and opened up the palm of her hand to show me.

My baby's first tooth! Her baby tooth! This can not be happening to me, she may be 8 1/2 but I would have liked to keep it a little longer!

No more little girl, she has reached that new phase in her life when she begins becoming a young lady...oh my!...She better wait for MANY years before she starts "The Change" physically...I am not ready for "that talk" yet! I can barely handle the missing tooth!

Kaylyn told me her story of losing the tooth and AJ told me he almost cried when she told him at church.

We don't teach our children about the Tooth Fairy but we do have a little pillow to place the tooth in. She ran and grabbed the pillow and placed her tiny tooth in it and placed it by her sleeping pillow.

After she went to bed, I wrote her a special letter from me to her and, of course, stuck a $1.00 bill in the letter and rolled it up. I then placed it in the pocket of the pillow and put it back next to her, gently and quietly.

This morning she awoke and was surprised! AJ read her the letter and Kaylyn kept it and the dollar with her for awhile ( I could tell she was excited!).

I still am pouting over the lost tooth, but I thank God to know my Kaylyn is a young lady blooming beautifully inside and out!

I love you My Toothless Kaylyn!


Tracy said...

What a special time!

Amy said...

How sweet! I didn't know that this was her 1st tooth:)

Joelle said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment. You have a lovely blog. What a special time! My oldest boy is turning 6 at the end of the year and I am dreading that; it is going to be a milestone. So I can feel with you. It's a good thing I am a way still (I hope) from the loosing teeth milestone.

Anonymous said...

If your post is correct, 8 1/2 is very late for losing a 1st tooth - just be prepared. The other change you are dreading can start as early as 8 yrs old - in my son's 3rd grade class this year.