Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Is Official!

Today we received the test results on whether Cracker Zech has Down's Syndrome or not. It is now official that he does not have Down's. Though we rejoice in the news we would have been thankful either way.

Every child is a gift from God whether they are "normal" to the worlds eyes or not for we know God does not make mistakes and everyone is created exactly the way He chooses for His glory.

May Zechariah grow up to love the Lord with all his heart, mind and soul and serve God to bring our heavenly Father glory!!!


Tracy said...

Praise the LORD! That's WHY it's called PRACTICING Medicine!

Laura said...

I was very excited to see your wonderful news. Yes a child with DS is a blessing as we know, but I'm always so happy to hear when "they" are wrong.

There has been something that has really bothered me since your last u/s and post. I really wanted to share my concern, but felt it might be out of place since we don't know each other...other than the blogs. Now I feel as though I can tell you about my concern, it was over the statement the u/s person said to you "if the baby has DS it would be mild". While she/he could say this because of not finding outward markers, this could also give one false information/hope. The reason I say this is even with mild outward signs, you can't tell what is going to be the mental development level. That's what bothered me, most of us with kids with DS aren't concerned with the apperance, as I'm sure you wouldn't be either. It's the mental level of function that's the most important, and that you can't tell until the child is in their teens almost an adult. Sorry to go on and on about that but it has really been on my mind.

My Jonathan has lost of DS outward markers along with medical issues, and at this point he is 10 and often acts 4 or 5...and some days 3. He at this point would fall into the moderate range for his mental what is important...NOT the outward but the inside because that is how the are going to fuction and live their lives with their minds not apperance.

Again, rejoicing with you and your finding, God is good all the time!!!

LynAC said...

I had been checking and checking and then we got a new flu so I'm just here now! Your posts made me cry! I'm so happy for you and baby Z looks wonderful!

Hoping you get back to normal self soon.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Munck Family,
First, I want to thank you for being open and honest with me. I am always open for being corrected and rebuked, in love, if I have done or said something that does not honor my Father in heaven.
so please, always feel free to open and honest with me!

Next, I agree with you that it could give people a false hope. I, also, am/was not concerned about outward appearances of our child. Sure,
I was expected to get looks or stares, but who cares?! Not me!

My main concern for the child if he did or did not have Down's is the child's soul. I desire for each of my children to know the Lord and to serve and honor Him with all their heart.

My concern for me if the baby had Down's...all of the day to day challenges that I have been told comes with a Down's child. Sure,
I know I would have been able to make it and do it with the Lord's help and strength, I just know my failures and weaknesses. Even the mental development level would not bother me.

Again,thank you for sharing your concern with me. Please never hesitate to do this! I appreciate your honesty!