Friday, November 7, 2008

Special Time of Snuggling

With 4 young kids I am raising at once, it is often hard to give each child the needed attention they deserve. I am not saying we should cater to them, but I do feel it is good to let them know that each one of them is important to me. So in our house we have "Special talks". These are not scheduled, nor everyday, but rather a spontaneous thing.

All the kids love their "Special time". It usually lasts 10-15 minutes. The first part of our talks are devoted to talking about whatever the child picks or me asking questions about them. They usually choose animals or what they want to get other family members for Christmas. The last part we spend time on spiritual matters. I will ask them a sin they are struggling with. Most times they will confess right away their struggle. Sometimes I have to remind them of a behaviour they showed that day. I always share a struggle of mine also.

I want my children to know I struggle just like them and how important it is to seek Christ. We discuss the heart issue of the sin, what we can do when we are tempted to commit a sin and in the end, we pray together......these times have become very precious to me as I see how it is growing my relationship with each of them. There are times when they gently remind me to pray because they see me committing the sin I confessed I was struggling with, times when they ask to speak to me privately to confess they are struggling and want me to pray. I pray the Lord will continue to bless our times and I won't ever turn their hearts away from me.

All this to say, I was having a "Special talk" with Katie Faith Tuesday night. I was asking lots of different questions...even if I knew the answer...when I asked her the following:

" Katie Faith, if there was one thing you could do this Sat., whatever it may be, what would you want to do?
Katie Faith looked up at me with a soft smile on her face and said, " Snuggle with you."

My heart melted. She could of picked a number of things she wanted to do, but to know she wanted to snuggle with me! My heart melted.

So tomorrow, even though I am having a birthday party for the two older children and I still have lots to do, I will take time out of my busyness to sit on the couch or go out to my hammock and snuggle with my Katie Bug.

I have a feeling I will enjoy it more than her!

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Taryn said...

Another GREAT post, my friend! You are truly a blessing in more ways than you know!!

I'm glad you got the wagon. Will se ya at the party!