Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In school we are learning about the history of Thanksgiving. We are reading 2 books, "The Mayflower Compact" by Normand Richards and "Pilgrim Stories" by Margaret B. Pumphrey.

Yesterday we re-enacted the trip from England to the "New Colony." We all had a lot of fun. The couch was the ship, the broom was the mast, the girls had pots and spoons to use as kettles to cook, , E was a sailor looking for land. He also played John Howland who fell into the sea and we had to pull up into the boat with rope during the fierce storm. I wanted to take pictures but didn't want to ruin our fun by running to get the camera.

Today, we made "The Mayflower" to play in the bathtub with. Here are a few pictures of the kids making their own "Mayflower."

Elijah working on his boat:

Katie Faith working hard on her "Mayflower":

E working on his project:

Kaylyn working on her "Mayflower":

The end results:

A quick little laugh: Last night as E was excitedly telling AJ his part in the role play, he said, " And Daddy! I was a man who fell over the boat in the storm. His name had something to do with animals. Something about roosters!..." he thinks for a moment..."John Brewster!" The real name he was looking for was John Howland ( William Brewster was another man on the ship). I guess he did kind-of get it right, he did have an animal sound in his name:"Howland" ...a wolf!

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