Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Big "6"

Today is our firstborn son, Caleb, known to most as "E" 6th birthday! So today I want to bring back some pictures and memories of our son.

This first picture is while I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with our "Little One." We did not know if it was a girl or boy. In the picture with me is our Kaylyn, on my lap, and our niece, Gabrielle.
Here I am getting ready to go in for my surgery ( I had a c-section). I look rough, because I was feeling rough. :) It had been a long day. I went in for an appointment in the morning, and due to some concerns my dr at the time had, slow fetal movement and slow growth of the baby,she sent me for an ultrasound. They discovered my fluid was very low and did not think the baby would make it another day in my womb. So here I am hours later, hungry, tired, and anxious, calling my mom to tell her I was going to have the baby.
Our "Little One" was finally born! "It's a boy." But the room was very quiet and people began moving quickly. The dr. kept looking over our baby being checked by the nurses. They got on the phone and asked for more help. My sister-in-law, who is a nurse, looked concerned. AJ looked concerned. I could not see what was going on. I asked if everything was ok. Our son was having problems breathing and they were working on him with much concentration. After what seemed a long time, they said they needed to take him to NICU. They let me have a quick look and whisked him away. Here is a picture of him:
He was 5 pounds and 9 ounces with the length of 17 3/4 inches. A tiny one.

The first picture is a day later, my first time being able to hold our son who had no name yet. The next picture is of a tired daddy and mommy, and our son.
Our son finally got his name in NICU after 7 days. Caleb Michael. We chose Caleb because it means "Faithful Unto God" like a dog is faithful to his master. Our prayer is one day the Lord will save him and he will be faithful to God like his name means.

This is when Kaylyn first met her baby. She could not say "baby" but said "E", which is where he gets his nickname. Maw Maw, the proud great-grandma is excited to see him also.

"E" at 4 months

6 months:

10 months:

11 months:

1 yr:

2 yr:

3 yr:

4 yr:

5 yr:

It was fun going through all the old pictures, seeing how much "E" has grown and changed physically! I pray I will see this much and more change in him spiritually one day!

Mommy Loves You, E!!! Happy 6th Birthday!

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Amy said...

That must be the picture you were talking about!! OK, I finally believe you:)

Happy Birthday "E"!!