Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kids Got To See the Baby on TV!

When I was 11 weeks pregnant they noticed abnormalities in my U/S. For more details on this, please scroll down to "PERFECT" to read about this in more detail. Since then we have been blessed to find out the Lord has given us a baby with Down's Syndrome. We truly believe this is a gift from God as each child is. We know God will use this child to grow us more like Him and to fill our lives with much joy. We know it will be a challenge for us,especially for me, as I am NOT an organized person but have been praying for this in my life. I believe God will use this child, Lord-willing, to help me in this area as it will be much different raising a child with Down's who likes organization and structure.

Dr. Moore said with a Down's baby I will not feel movement like a "normal" baby. I understand this but it is more difficult to "live" it. I am used to feeling my babies at 16 1/2 weeks and did not feel the baby for sure until last Wed. night after church. What a wonderful feeling it was to know my baby was alive in me! I am 21 weeks now so this was late for me.

Today we went for our ultrasound to see our "Little One" being knit in my womb by God. Our whole family went to see the baby on "tv". We watched closely as the lady, Michelle, measured and checked the baby. "E" picked up the parts easily and would get excited and say, " I see the......!"

I was relieved to hear the heartbeat. It was 159 beats per minute. The baby was moving all over. Arms bending, legs kicking, head turning to "see" what was poking into "Little One's" home.

Everything looked good. The heart had it's 4 chambers...something they didn't see last time. Brain measured fine. Kidneys working great, spine looks beautiful.

To diagnose a baby with Down's Syndrome, they have to have 3 out of 4 markers present to be sure. So far they have marked 2. The femur bone is short, and their is an extra layer on the neck. This is one of the most prominent features and markers. The other 2 are a short bridged nose and heart defects. They could not detect the nose today because "Little One" would keep turning away. We will go in January to a Pediatric Cardiologist to check the heart.

It was fun watching our child move around inside of me. The kids had fun playing with their youngest sibling. Michelle, the U/S lady, was great with them. At one point the baby was moving the arm and she told the kids their little " brother or sister" was waving at them. They really enjoyed this! She pointed out to them the 5 tiny toes, ribs, tummy, and more. At one point, the baby did a "thumbs up" sign with the hand. She told the kids the baby was showing them a "thumbs up that things are looking good". :)All in all, we had a good time seeing our baby from God. He has blessed us with the technology they have these days and the things they can see...all through sounds and vibration that are hidden to the human eye without this machine.

It brings to mind how we are as people......

On the outside we all look different. Some have black hair, some blonde. Different skin colors, weight, height, etc. We can portray ourselves how we want to. We can put on a "front" that we have it all together in life. We are good people. We help those in need, therefore we are nice and compassionate, we always seem calm, we may go to church so we must be going to heaven.

Christ sees our outward appearances but most importantly He sees our souls. The deepest part of us. He sees our sin. He sees the motives of why we help others, the anger that may dwell inside, our pride ( wanting to look good), our selfishness, impatience, evil thoughts, bitterness...... Just a little something to think about......when we notice these things in our lives, we should quickly seek Christ. Repent of our sins. Go to the Holy Bible. Meditate on the words of our God......just something to think about......

Well, we are ever so excited to have seen our "Little One". No, we did not find out the sex of the baby. We like to be surprised! I do have a poll on the side of my blog to see what others think we might have. If you have time, please vote. It will be exciting to see the outcome...and the winners!

We love you, our "Little One", we look forward to the day we can meet you! Thumbs up!!!


Amy said...

I'm so proud of you for putting these pictures on. I haven't voted yet because I am still thinking about it. Can't wait to see the camping pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Your posts bring me to tears - the joyful kind. Your sweet spirit and trust in the Lord are such a testimony to me. We are so blessed by our precious children - they are the Lord's gift to us and each one brings joys and challenges. Thank you for sharing this with us all. We've been praying for you. Miss you, Nikki

LynAC said...

I don't know Nikki--but she said it very well. You are truly a great testimony and example. Thank you for sharing about your precious little one.