Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday, August 28,2008, it was finally confirmed, by the local news, Louisiana and the Baton Rouge area were in great danger of being hit by the "powerful" Hurricane Gustav on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. As things were becoming more clear people began preparing for the storm rushing to the grocery stores, filling up their cars with gas, leaving their homes to stay somewhere "safe". Some were in panic while others refused to leave the place they call "home".

AJ and I prepared as best as possible. We considered staying at our church, Trinity Baptist, as we felt the structure would be stronger than our home and we would be safer there. As Sunday evening approached, the forecasters gave their report... Hurricane Gustav had weakened and was now a Tropical Storm and would hit Monday evening. AJ decided we would stay home.

Monday morning we wake up to a beautiful, sunny day. AJ questions if we are going to have a storm this day as they have predicted. We turn on the news to learn it was now a hurricane again. No problem, we thought, as the outlook was good for Baton Rouge. About 2 hrs. later, the forecast changed...again. It was headed straight for us here in Baton Rouge.

Around 1:00 pm after lunch, the winds began to pick up strongly. The skies grew dark. The kids were growing more and more excited. For the next 3 hours the rain came down, though not as hard as we expected, and the wind picked up. We watched as the trees swayed back and forth and the wind howled a deep sound through the leaves. Gusts got up to 91- 95 mph depending on the station you listened to. We lost power arond 3:00 pm.
At one point of the day I decided I wanted to video tape the "powerful" storm. I went outside and quickly jumped into our van. It was rocking back and forth from the harsh wind. I have to admit, it was scary. Needless to say, I only stayed out there a few minutes because I wanted to get back in the house again where I could feel safe.

During this "powerful" hurricane, God revealed himself to our family as He faithfully does. Kaylyn rushed over to tell me excitedly she had prayed for the tree that is favorite to her daddy. Her words were, "Mommy! Mommy! I prayed for daddy's favorite tree because it was wiggling a lot and I was afraid it would fall and the tree is not wiggling anymore!!!" I wish you all could see the look on her face. Here the wind was fierce and "daddy's tree" was barely moving anymore....God heard the prayer of a 7 year old.....

Near our sidewalk we have a big patch of mistletoe. AJ will bring a clipping in from time to time and hold it over us. The kids have picked up on this "game" and will do the same also. They were very concerned it was going to blow down. We had limbs falling on the ground, we heard them hitting the roof, Everywhere you looked were limbs galore! But guess what!?! That patch of mistletoe never came down. And I know why! Because God knows our hearts. He heard the children so concerned for "thier" mistletoe. He proved to them in the midst of a "powerful" storm, He cared for their concern.

As I sat next to the window watching the power of Hurricane Gustuv, trees bending back and forth, things flying all over the place, I was reminded of GOD'S POWER!!! As "powerful"as the storm was, it was NOTHING compared to the GREAT POWER OF MY GOD WHOM I SERVE.

In His Word, the Holy Bible, Jesus and His disciples were on a boat when a great storm came. Christ was asleep and his disciples came to him asking if he cared if they perished. "And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. " (Mark 4:39)

Now, THAT IS POWER!!! He spoke and the winds STOPPED! Who else can do that? Can you or I? Simply put, NO.

God is POWERFUL. He made this earth and He does as He wishes. He IS in control which means His hands guide these storms.

So if God is so powerful, why would He not stop these hurricanes from hitting land which destoys homes and takes lives? Because He doesn't want to. He has ordained them. I don't know the mind of God and do not pretend to, but I do know He has a reason for all things. Could be to judge. Could be to draw people to Him, bring families together, gives opportunities to put others first and serve them. Could be to show a 7,5, and 4 year old that He hears their prayers and knows their concerns. Could be to SHOW HIS GREAT POWER!

Thank you God for Hurricane Gustav. Thank you for the things you showed our family during this "not so powerful" storm.


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"Our God is an Awesome God. He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, POWER, and love. Our God is an Awesome God!"

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