Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Date with husband

Could you feel the love in the air Friday and Sat.? Because I was radiating with love! My overnight date with AJ was a splendid time. He reserved a nice room at a very nice hotel at the heart of the French Quarters. In our room were plush towels, plush pillows, a sitting area, a desk and more. At one point we were confused about this long but pretty piece of fabric under the table. We were astonished when we found out it is a cover so we don't have to see the cords ( only for the rich people!) to the lamps. On the rooftop it had a large pool overlooking the Mississippi River. The view was nice.

Once we arrived and settled in we decided to go for a walk down to Jackson Square, hand in hand. They have many artists, music, live statues in the Square. Sadly, also many palm and tarot card readers. There is a beautiful cathedral with amazing paintings on the ceilings and glass windows. After our stroll we went back to the hotel and dressed up for dinner. I enjoyed putting on my new dress for AJ, he liked it a lot. We went to a nice place to eat a friend had recommended to him. I wish I could say the food was good but I was congested and couldn't taste a thing. The common people we are, we did not know how to eat at this place. We were eating things with the wrong items and there were 3 forks! Who knew it took 3 forks to eat a meal! We enjoyed ourselves, laughing and talking the whole time with an occasional kiss.

We went back to our room after dinner as AJ started to feel sick. He was sick for the rest of the evening. So, we enjoyed a nice evening in the room while laying on the bed. We talked about our love for each other, "old times" , our love for each together and the trials God has brought us through in the past 11 years. Our love for each other, our kids, and our love for each other. It could not have been nicer...except for AJ being sick to his stomach. :(

Sat. morning we went downstairs to the hotel's resteraunt. Did I mention this was a nice, rich hotel? AJ's SMALL glass of orange juice was $4.00! And it was fake! My bagel with cream cheese...$6.00. AJ had yogurt with fresh strawberries and granola...$4.00 I think it was. He enjoyed it a lot but we could have gotten it from Target for about $1.00! We lifted our glasses up for a "cheer" of another wonderful 11 yrs. and more in marriage.

After breakfast we went for a swim in the pool, it was nice and refreshing to's just say goose bumps galore!!! It took me 20 minutes to get in BUT I got in! We swam a few laps and challenged each other in different tricks.

After we said our goodbyes to our room, we went to a little place down the street for lunch named Johnny's. It is a poboy shop. It was delicious. Prices were good and service was nice. Next time we go down there to New Orleans we know where to go to eat.

Our last stop on our date was a new Insect museum that opened 2 weeks ago. Call me strange but I like bugs. The bugs in there were AMAZING!!! ( Yes Taryn...they were!) They had everything from ants, beetles, millipedes, butterflies and more! They had little areas you could touch and pick up the bugs ( I picked one up just for YOU Taryn...what a friend I am!). After 2 hrs. it was time to go. It was a fun museum, AJ and I enjoyed ourselves greatly.

A short time later we headed back to Baton Rouge to get our children. Though we had a good time we missed our little ones a lot. It was nice to see their smiling faces and arms in the air waiting for a big hug.

I thank God for a great husband. He planned a great date for me, and although a few things didn't work out liked he had planned, I am thankful to all of his efforts in putting this together. He didn't have to do this for me, but as he put it, he "loves" me and wanted to do something special for me. And I love him also. More and more each day!

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