Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hello Again!!!

It's been a long time since I have blogged. I have had much that has gone on in my life the last 6 months. From illnesses, unexpected, sad, death of a cousin, trials of spiritual war, traveling, to just spending time with my beautiful family. It has been a long 6 months but good as I have seen the Lord work in my life. He has convicted me, He has grown me, He has chastened me. All glory to Christ our Savior.

I look forward to blogging again, and Lord willing, will be doing so on a more regular basis again. My goal is to do 1-2 posts a week. Though, I never know what the Lord will have planned for each day. 

I am excited  to catch up with all of you! Until then, may our Lord reach deep in your hearts and grow you in Him!

To God Be the Glory!!!


Laura said...

Good to see you back, and to hear that much has been happening in the way of the Lord while you were on a blog break. Sorry to hear of all the trails and loss...but praising the Lord that He carried you. May His hand be upon you and your family along with His rich love.

Shannon said...

I was just wondering if you would ever be blogging again. It is so hard to find the balance in taking these moments for ourselves. I do think that as mommas that are always with there family that it is nice to have an outlet... and even nicer that it is something that we can do while we are still with them and not an outlet that requires physically being away from them. I am also trying to get back to blogging, yet not get totally drawn into it in such a way that I am missing out on life around me in my home or taking away from my family.

Joelle said...

Glad to see you back Christine! I have not been blogging as much either and even less keeping up with my reader. I better get back at it, since you are back ;-)

Camille said...

SO glad you are *back* in this capacity. I have missed you!