Thursday, June 9, 2011

Been Busy and Loving It

These past few months have been really busy for us. Some physically, some mentally, and some emotionally.

We have been camping, traveling long distances, cooking for those in need, schooling, praying through trials, been to a conference, piano lessons, and soaking in family times.

It has been busy and won't stop for another 2 weeks, but we are loving our times.

In these last few months the Lord continues to work in our lives and though we have been busy all around, He has given us much rest in Him.

This is a quick post but I wanted all to know I have not disappeared. Thank you to those who have checked on me to make sure I am ok. I hope to visit your blogs more again soon and catch up with my friends.

Though I have been absent from you here, my prayers have not been absent concerning many of you.

Have a blessed day and Lord-willing, I will be "back" soon.

Much Love In Christ,



Laura said...

Glad your doing well, and I hope that you all have a wonderful summer.

Camille said...

Oh how busy you have been Christine!! I am so glad you are finding that the LORD's Grace is sufficient for the journey HE has you on. You are a blessing in this bloggy-world and I am thankful for you. :) I will be praying for you these upcoming weeks as the busy season winds up for you...may HE indeed continue to give you strength and help in the coming days...and may you have a season of REST soon!

In HIS Love,

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am having a nice summer, thank you. God ever blesses us so much!

Thanks Camille for the prayers and words of encouragement. The Lord's grace IS sufficient! At times this is all I meditate on.
Thanks for your sweet comment...YOU are the true blessing!