Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm not sure how this will go over, but I've hijacked my wife's blog. I've hacked into her cyber-corner to publish to the world something that she would never allow me to do otherwise. You see, her humility would prevent her from allowing me to divulge myself of this little pleasure. So forgive me for my betrayal and thievery and hear me out.

Mi Fresita (Christina Kay, Queen Christine, Tina, Mrs. America, or whatever you may know her by), is my beloved wife and blessing from God. She has been such a blessing to me and our children. I just want to take a little time to express to you what she means to me and our children.

I won't bore you with platitudes about her being perfect, for only one has ever been perfect, and that one is Christ, the beloved Savior and Lord of my wife. She is so in love with and so unwaveringly dedicated to Christ, that she has served as a convicting example to me since I met her in 1995 on a mission trip to the Bahamas. I' won't lie and tell you that she doesn't have weaknesses or faults, but I can tell you that her failures have proven to be the very things that allows Christ to shine through her. I have watched her grow in faith, and her faith has always been something about her that I admire. Her childlike faith has always been simple, but so very strong. It is evident that in her weakness, He is made strong - she exemplifies this!

If I were to go through all the things I have learned from watching her life, it would be far too much for a blog, but let it suffice to say that because of her encouragement, we have five beautiful children and a family life that I would have missed out on, if left to my selfishness. As I study in Genesis 2 and see the help that God made for Adam, meet for him and the calling God gave to him, I can honestly tell you that her life has aided me in understanding the far reaching ramifications of that. She is a beautiful fit for me, what I needed as a partner and help in living for the glory of God.

Submissiveness is what adorns a godly woman in the scripture (1Co 11:15), and she is surely shorn with subjection to me as her covering. I have felt her prayers. Even when I have failed, she has been faithful to hold me up before the Lord and pray for me. When she could have ripped me to shreds and put my faults before me, she has loved me and served me. When she could have talked to others about my need to lead our family spiritually, she gently encouraged and lovingly let me know of her desires to be one with me in spiritual things. Actually, her submissiveness has been harder at times to deal with, because it convictingly reveals to me my great need for submission to the Holy Spirit - I am responsible and my wife looks to me to lead her. Who is sufficient for these things?! But my loving wife believes in the God that can do it through me, she loves me and longs for me - WOW!

What a momma! She is so dedicated to our children. She is so zealous to see them come into a loving and trusting relationship with the almighty God. She faithfully puts the Word of God before them. We agreed to focus more on godliness and character in our home school, and she puts this priority before them consistently. She is the epitome of what it means to nurture in the admonition of the Lord. And love kids? When we met in the Bahamas she spent her whole time with the children. Her love for children has never faded. As Zechariah grows older, she longs to have another little one in our home. She looks at the joy that each of our children brings and only wants more blessing from the hands of our Lord. She is sensitive to the weaknesses and specific needs of all of our children. She talks with each of them and asks them probing questions about sin and struggles. She prays with them and for them in specifics. What a wonderful mom!

She sacrifices, she serves, she loves, she submits, she gives herself to me completely. I could go on and on, but I must stop - she will be back from the store soon and I can't get caught!

Hear from our kids:

Kaylyn - My mommy is a good mother. She loves the Lord a lot!

Caleb - Mommy is the best mom ever! She is very sweet.

Katie - I like my mommy a lot because she is such a nice mommy.

Elijah - My mommy is good!

Zechariah - MAAAAH-Mee, MAAAAH-Mee (That says it all!).

Me - Well, you've heard a lot from me, but let me add, I find her mesmerizing, beautiful, (I promised I wouldn't go there, but) hot, sweet, sensitive, and precious. She is as fragile as when I met her.

God help me to be a protector and provider for her, give me strength to lead her and grow in spiritual unity with her.




My Man,

I am shocked you posted this. Tears whelm my eyes as I read it. Such a wonderful gift you have given me by declaring your love to "the world".
I thank you for all the sweet, kind words you have said to me. Anything you or anyone sees in me is not of myself, but of the Lord, for He had not chosen me, my sinfulness would be even greater than it is and all I do would be for selfish reasons.

I count myself being the most blessed one with a godly husband like you. Your influence on me spiritually continually aids in my growing in the Lord. I thank you for all your patience through the trials I have gone through. Your gentle hand around my shoulder or on my leg, the tears staining your shirt, the cries of frustration you have endured yet you softly remind me of God's providence. The times you rejoice with me in accomplishing goals. For encouraging me when I fell like I will fail.

I DO love you MORE!!! ...It is true! ;)

Your Fresita

My Blessings, Little Ducklings,

I count it a privilege to be your mommy. Each one of you bring a smile to my heart in different ways. I never imagined being a mommy would be so joyful. God uses you to sanctify me, and show me sins I never knew I had a problem with.

Thank you for the kind deeds you do for me...picking flowers, heart shaped rocks, cards, wanting to help in the house, gently reminding me, in love, when I am not honoring the Lord with my tone of voice. Thank you for taking care of me when I become ill, for not complaining when I make vegetables ( at least most of the time), wanting to clean the toilets.

I love each of you dearly and pray daily and earnestly for you. My greatest desire is to see you grow into men and women who love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul. Seek him, my precious ones, serve Christ.

I love you!!!

Your Mommy


Cinnamon said...

That was beautiful!


Carrie said...

This is sooooo sweet!!! I love it!!

Happy Mother's Day, Christine! It sounds like you and A.J. are both so blessed to have each other! :)

Starfish Momma said...

Awwwww, this is priceless! Have a wonderful Mother's Day my sweet friend, Christine :)

Joelle said...

What a beautiful post and a sweet gift. May God continue to bless your family as he he is doing, and especially you Christine as you serve him faithfully as a mother wife and friend.