Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you trust God? Would you ever forsake Him? Before you answer this question...take some time to meditate on this question. Search your heart. Do you have complete faith in Christ?

What if someone came to your house in the middle of the night and injured your loved ones, they were crying out in pain, you see one on the ground dead in a pool of blood, your spouse looks in your eyes with blood pouring out of their body.

For one man... this is reality.

Please read.

KURUM, Nigeria — As she lay on the ground after being shot and then slashed with a machete, Dune James Rike looked into her husband’s tear-filled eyes and asked, “Is this the end between us, so we shall not be together again?” Pastor James Musa Rike told Compass he held the hands of his dying, 35-year-old wife and told her, “Hold on to your faith in Jesus, and we shall meet and never part again.” Muslim extremists who attacked Kurum village, in the Bogoro local government area of Nigeria’s Bauchi state, had already killed two of the couple’s children in a rampage that began Wednesday (May 4) at midnight. Rike, pastor of a Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) congregation in Kurum, next heard the cries of his 13-year-old daughter, Sum James Rike, a few yards away. “I rushed to my daughter, only to discover that she too was cut with a machete on her stomach, and her intestines were all around her,” he said. “I held her hand and began to pray, knowing she too was about to die. She told me that the Muslim militants told her they would kill her and “see how your Jesus will save you.” The girl told her father that she responded by telling them that Jesus had already saved her, and that by killing her they would only be making it possible for her to be with Him. Pastor Rike prayed for her as she died. Shooting and setting homes on fire, the Muslim extremists killed 12 other Christians in the attack. Bauchi police reported 16 people dead – one man, three women and 12 children. Pastor Rike said that when the attackers reached his house, they tried to force their way into their bedrooms. “I opened a backdoor, and we ran out into the dark night while the militants pursued us,” he said. “They shot my wife and two of our kids as they tried to escape.” Pastor Rike said that after killing the two children, Faith James Rike and 1-year-old Fyali James Rike, the assailants cut his wife’s abdomen with a machete. “I was shocked at what I saw,” he said. “I knew my wife would not last long, and the only thing I did was to encourage her to hold on to her faith in Jesus.” The Muslim extremists set more than 20 houses ablaze before leaving the village, he said. Pastor Rike and his son survived the attack, and he said his adopted daughter, Whulham James Rike, was injured and receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Bogoro. He said five others others were also receiving hospital treatment. Among those killed, church sources said, were Murna Ayuba; Angelina Ezekiel; Dorcas Sunday; Asabar Toma; Rhoda Joseph; Dhunhgwa Zakka; Bukata Amos; Ishaku Amos; Kalla Amos; Amos Daniel; Samidah Joel; and Changtan Joel. The Muslim jihadists also stole money and the other valuables from the Christian village as they withdrew, church sources said. The area has a history of sectarian violence, and the attack follows the death of hundreds of people in Bauchi and other northern states last month after Muslims rioted over the April 16 election of a Christian, Goodluck Jonathan, as president. He defeated a Muslim candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. Saying more than 200 church buildings were burned, Christian leaders in northern Nigeria have called for a federal probe into the violence, in which Christians mounted counter attacks. Northern Nigeria climbed to 23rd place in 2010 from 27th in 2009 on Christian support organization Open Doors’ World Watch List of nations with the worst persecution. The church where Pastor Rike ministers has about 30 members and has been in existence for more than 50 years. Those killed were members of the three churches in the village – the COCIN church, St. John’s Catholic Church and an Evangelical Church of West Africa congregation. Pastor Rike said the incident has strengthened his faith in Jesus. “Whatever is the situation, I will never forsake Christ,” he said. “All human beings are created by God, and our attackers must know that they need to abandon anything that will lead them to destroy creations of God.” (CDN) (This was taken from "The Church Report" reported May 11,2011)

As I sit here, tears overflowing my eyes, I can barely speak to tell my children to pray for this man and the others affected.

What would I do if I were in this situation?

Reading this story I am quick to say I would not deny Christ. I would like to think I would have great faith and face this trial like this man...but would I? I have to question myself.

I am ashamed to say I am so weak I would probably fail. Would I deny my Christ if five men stormed my house holding my family hostage, threatening to kill them?

Oh Father, give me great faith!

This story is not alone. There are many Christians who are suffering for their belief and faith in Christ. Moms in jail, away from their children, husbands being beat in their cells, children being tortured in front of parents to "make them deny their Lord".

Oh you, Christian, please be in prayer for our sisters and brothers in Christ. They need and covet our prayers.

Wouldn't you?

If you would like to read updates, stories of our fellow brethren, if you would like to help them, please check this site out:

Voice of Martyrs

They will send you weekly updates concerning the needs.

Let's join forces and pray for them...for one day...this family...could be could be mine.

Oh Jesus, may you grow me so strong in faith that I could say without a doubt...
“Whatever is the situation, I will never forsake Christ."


Starfish Momma said...

What a sad, unimaginable story. But what faith those people had even in the darkest times of their lives...and such wise words from that 13 year old girl! I am so glad I subscribe to VOM. It is easy to get comfortable here in America and forget or even ignore the atrocities going on around the world and the struggles and unimaginable things our fellow Christians face...not just from time to time, but everyday!!! VOM magazine is a reminder to me and my kids to pray always and to get involved. I pray that myself, my family, my children would have the faith to say, "Whatever the situation, I will never forsake Christ."

Anonymous said...

Amen! I pray the same prayer for myself often.

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body."
Hebrew 13:3

His bondservant said...

I could not help crying while reading this. We get VOM and contribute to them…persecuted Christians are close to my heart. They are our brothers and sisters. I cannot imagine this. When I feel like I have it hard, I remember these dear saints who suffer so much more than I can even imagine. I have made it a prayer of mine that if Christ calls me to suffer in this way, that He would give me the strength to never deny Him. Thank you for posting this my friend.

Camille said...

Oh Christine...I came by for a visit and realised that you have not updated for a little while. I scrolled down to read this heartwrenching story!! Oh how unimaginable is the suffering of many of our brothers and sisters in the world today! How incredible is the testimony of this man...oh that the LORD would indeed produce such faith in us!! Thank you for posting and encouraging us to helpless we feel so far removed from such persecution! How wonderful that the LORD indeed gives the grace in the midst of suffering and that it is HE Who holds us, and not us holding onto HIM!! I rest in this fact over and over, for humanly speaking these are the impossible things...HE is Faithful!

In Him,