Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!!

10 years ago today, the Lord blessed us with our firstborn daughter,

Kaylyn is a sweet girl who loves imitating animals (and is quite good at it),crafts, the Georgia Bulldogs, dressing up and playing old fashioned.Her favorite food is tuna casserole and favorite colors are pink, blue, and red(for the Bulldogs). She is our quiet one but can give quite a squeal when tickled!!!

Kaylyn is a sweet girl, who amazes me in how long-suffering she is, she is sensitive to the ways of God. Encouraging others (including me) to do the right thing if she sees it is dishonoring God. A girl of modesty and already is thinking of ways she wants to honor her husband when she gets married.

Our prayer for Kaylyn is that she would submit her life to the Lord Jesus Christ, be pure in her ways and thoughts, and continue to grow and train in becoming a homemaker.

We love you, Kaylyn...Pumpkin, you are a true joy and blessing in our lives!!!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!!

May your year be filled with growth and joy of the Lord!

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!

Mrs. Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet KK. I love you and miss you!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!! Hope you have had a blessed day :) It's so nice that Emma shares a birthday with you.

The Shelbys

Heather Pacunas said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Kristy said...

What a sweet post - what a blessing she is!

Joelle said...

Wow 10 years old. What a milestone! Zach had a birthday on the 28th as well.

Shannon said...

I am blog stalking you tonight. ;) I have been thinking about you and your sweet family today and thought I would look at your blog and get to know your kiddos all by name. I am ashamed to say that I do not know their names already. I had to take a minute to commment on this very post tonight because earlier today she was saying how cool it was to meet someone that had the same birthdate as her. As I came across this post I noticed that your Kaylyn was born ONE day earlier than Savannah. Savannah thinks that is pretty cool! I think it is quite interesting that I discovered this today. I look forward to our kids getting to know each other this year.