Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tigers play the Gators!!!

Today is a big day in our house:

The LSU Tigers


the Florida Gators...

But we are not unified on who we want to win.

AJ, Kaylyn and E root for the Tigers...

But Katie Faith, Elijah, Zechariah and I have better sense...we root for the FLORIDA GATORS!

Here is Elijah's message to all you Loser State University Fans!!!

Translation: "Go AlliGATORS!!! Eat Those Tigers!!!"

Can't wait 'till the game tonight!


Amy said...

That video was so cute!!! Even though, I could care less...I must say GO TIGERS EAT SOME GATORS :) Love you!

Taryn said...

Very Very cute Elijah Erwin!!! But you should ALWAYS listen to your DADDY!!! LSU 6-0!! Whoop~Whoop!

Liz said...

well...what say you now Christine? Go Tigers!

(just kidding, still love you)

Unknown said...

Go Elijah, great team spirit!!!

Joelle said...

Cute! BTW I was tagged on my blog and now I have tagged you.