Friday, November 20, 2009

The "Big Move" Part 2

When we decided to move, AJ and I sat down with the children to tell them. After an explanation of what was going on and a time of prayer, we asked the kids their thoughts. They were excited. "E" asked if he could meet a cowboy and get a milking cow. Kaylyn was a little quiet but was excited also. Katie Faith wanted to know if she could get a stinky pig. Elijah, he said...ball. :)

When AJ learned of his starting date at the new job, we knew we would not have a place to live that soon. Not wanting to split the family with AJ in Texas and the rest of us in Louisiana, we quickly came to the conclusion we would go with AJ and stay at the hotel.

So, the weekend before I began packing for our week long Adventure at the hotel. We were also blessed to have 2 friends spend the night.

"E" and Elijah enjoyed sharing facts about sharks and different animals. They also were goof balls making silly faces at the camera. Which their mothers would NEVER do!

Katie Faith And her other "sister" Rachel played dolls and with their animals. They also had a hard time falling asleep with all of their precious giggling and whispering to one another!

This is our first Sunday to start our adventure at the hotel and life in Texas, we headed to Texas after church. We stopped at the Texas Welcome Area after crossing the line.

This is AJ's mustang..."Shugga" in front of the Texas star...

We enjoyed watching an alligator snap at this turtle threatening the turtles life.

This is the view from where we watched the alligator. You can walk out on the boardwalk, although we have not done this yet.

A man, who worked at the Welcome Center as a janitor, saw our kids, asked me if all 5 were mine, left, and moments came back with a coloring book for each of them about Texas.

As we drove on, the kids colored in their books. I prayed and listened to a CD by Doug Phillips. I also enjoyed AJ's little game of driving next to us. He always brings smiles to my face with his goofy self.
That night when we arrived at the hotel, let's just say, we only stayed there one night. More on that with our next post on our big move.
But before I close off, I have to say about leaving, this day was one of the hardest times for me emotionally. I want to make sure I give God the glory for HIS strength for getting me through it. My heart was breaking yet I knew this was the path God had put us on. He has been, and always will be, so faithful to me...His spite of my sin.


Taryn said...

Awww Man.... I'm in tears seeing Rachel and Katie together having fun & Elijah and "E" laughing and learning!!! I can't wait until we can get together again. Ya ready for company yet? :-) Have y'all met that cowboy, gotten a milking cow and a stinky pig yet? I'm not even going to tell you what I think about that alligator!!! You already know!

Amy said...

Love the pic of Rachel and Katie...I can almost hear the sweet laughter coming from the room! How's things going? I think Mrs. Karen has been trying to get in touch with you. Maybe you should try to give her a call:)

Lori said...

so so sweet! Leaving can be heartbreaking, I know. But trust me - when God is in it, it's amazingly wonderful! ((hugs))

Kristy said...

I can't wait to see where ya'll move and how you are doing! Glad to see an update!
Moving is so hard and stressful - I know.
But yes, when God is in it - be expectant!