Monday, July 13, 2009

The Answer Is...

Last week I asked if anyone could guess what this was a picture of.

I had a few guesses online and off. 3 people got it right...

I was making a treat for my good friend, Amy. I had spilled some powder sugar on the table and left the room. When I returned, I caught Elijah and Katie Faith licking it up ( first picture). When they saw I was standing there taking a picture Katie Faith quickly jumped up as she knows they are not supposed to lick the table.

Mrs. Pat and Amy C. were correct in guessing it was the kids licking the table.

But Taryn was also correct. She asked if it was some sort of punishment. After I caught them doing this I wanted to get a picture of them. The first one did not turn out so I poured more on the table and told them to lick it up. They looked at me unsure if they really should. They did after me telling them it was ok. Well, my next two pictures did not turn out so I put some more sugar down. Katie Faith said she did not want to lick anymore because it was yucky. Elijah was sticking out his tongue wiping it. I told them to lick it again. Reluctantly they did. Later I saw that there was some shaving cream residue left over on the table from earlier play and realized they were tasting it. So yes, they did get punished for licking the sugar.

I was making peanut butter balls covered with chocolate for Amy. She loves them and I love her so I wanted to treat her.

They did not turn out to pretty but they did taste yummy!

Katie Faith asked if she could lick the chocolate off of my fingers...

Elijah licked my thumb and liked it so much he tried to take a chunk of it off by biting me.

Here is Kaylyn licking the spoon:

Amy with her treat:

The winners will get a prize this Wednesday night at church...the privilege of seeing me and getting a great big hug! Hee Hee!!!


Amy said...

Thank you Christine!!! They were yummy and will hold me over for just a little while until I can get you to make them again;) BTW, I love you too!

Joelle said...

I should have guessed, I have caught my Joho licking the table in the past. One must admit, it is cute! your kids are cute!

Mrs. Pat said...

A hug from Mrs. America is indeed a prize!!