Saturday, May 9, 2009

Something To Do!!!

This past Thursday, our baby, Zechariah was admitted to the hospital for fever. The dr. said he did not want to take a chance with our 2 month old. I appreciate his care for my baby.

While here, I have spent most of my time alone with Zechariah. One may think this will give me lots of time to rest and relax because I don't have the other 4 children to tend to. Not so. Being here with a sick child keeps me busy. Cuddling him, changing messed up clothes, taking his temp., singing to him, and not to mention the different nurses in and out.

At times I have found myself growing bored. With a view of the roof and the E.R. parking lot, their is not much to look at, so I have been using this time to read my Bible,read a book by Martha Peace "Attitudes Of A Transformed Heart" and daily prayer. I also have talked to a few friends on the phone. A little while ago I was talking to a friend who said I can call her if I get bored. I told I might call her a few times today. :)

Then, I sat down, looked out at the window to watch the E.R. parking lot. I like to guess if the car is going to park or drive up to the door. Then I like to guess why they might be here by watching how they walk. Do they have the flu? Chest pains? Are they coming to see a loved one who is in the E.R.? I know, I know, sounds strange, but it is keeping me entertained.

As I was just sitting there, I realized I had something I could do. PRAY. Instead of just watching these people for a cheap entertainment, I can pray for each one I see.

Pray God would give wisdom to the drs. and nurses as they treat "that" patient. Pray for their healing, Lord-willing. Most importantly, pray for their soul.

I don't know these people...... Do they know the Lord?... Do they seek after Him?... Do they "think" they are saved because they said a "sinner's prayer" after walking down the aisle when they were a child but have no interest in Christ... Do they think they are "ok" before God because they live a "good" life, helping others, or maybe just thinking they don't do bad things like "those people in the newspapers and on the tv"? Do these people have anyone in their lives, a friend or family member, who prays for their soul?

I will never meet these people, never know their names, but My Lord, knows them greatly. He knows exactly what is going on with them physically and spiritually. He knows their every thought. He knows them better than they know themselves.

Oh My!!! I must quit blogging for now! Their is a black old car driving in the parking lot and I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO...pray for the people who exit their cars to be treated in the E.R.


Laura said...

What a lovely post!

As you pray for others I will pray for you and your sweet family. May Gods hands be on Zechariah.

Happy early Mother's Day!!

Jenn said...

I will be praying for you and little Zechariah.

Great post!!

Kristy said...

A good way to pass the time. Hope your baby is all better! It is scary when such a little one becomes ill.