Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheerful Heart, Cheerful Heart!

As I stated in my last post, our 2 month old Zechariah is is in the hospital. Tuesday we were moved into PICU because he was getting worse and the dr. was concerned for his health.

We have our own room because he is considered highly contagious until they find out what is going on. I am thankful because I have my own toilet, bed, rocking chair, and a glass door to close to keep us separate.

However...I don't have my own shower.

They have one in the hall so after 2 dys of no showering, I decided to give it a try. AJ watched Zechariah so I could go.

I was excited! So I grabbed my items and headed for the shower.

I slowly open the door and peek in. Neat! A tub and a sink with a mirror ( and let me tell you...when I looked in that mirror and saw what I saw...let's just say it was less than pretty!)

First thing I did was look in the tub....Yuck! Hair all over. Maybe I should skip the shower for just one more day. Nah, I needed one so I decided to play mind over matter and not think about other peoples hair in the shower.

I set my things down, turn on the shower to "Hot" and got prepared to step in. I open the sliding door, step in and then...... WHOA!!! Yikes! Help!!! Move quick!!!......that is when the ice cold water hit me! Maybe the faucet is backwards, so I carefully try to get to it with as little water on me as possible, which was impossible. I turn it all the way to the other direction...nothing. So I start to slowly move it looking for the hot water. And after a few minutes of agony, I gave up. There was no hot water to be found. So I tell myself, forget about washing my hair, even with all of the slime dripping out of it. I go to turn the water off and then I hear a mother's words speaking to me......

"Cheerful heart, cheerful heart. Do all things without murmuring!" Ahhh!!! These are my words, I say this to my children.

So I decided to stay in and wash my hair, cold water hitting my back and all, shaved my legs...quickly, and wash myself down. "Cheerful heart, cheerful heart" I chanted to myself the whole time. Finally I finished. I open the door, step out and what do you know!!! The air vent is hitting right there! Now you and I both know a man must have designed this little room and put the vent right there!

I was one BIG goose bump with tiny arms and legs sticking out walking down that hall to PICU.

I do have to say, I thank God for that shower though, as miserable as I was, because in the end I felt much better....even though I was standing in cold water with other people's hair at the bottom of my feet...

Cheerful heart, Christine, Do all things without murmuring!!! for if you murmur against God and His goodness....


Jenn said...

What a good momma you are. We have been praying for you and little Zechariah. Just so you know...when I was in ICU with Caleb, they let me use the shower that was in an available room on the childrens wing. It had warm water at least. You may ask that next time.

Praying for quick healing and quick answers to what bug has this little fella down.

Tracy said...

Praying for you!

Kristy said...

Oh Christine! I am so grossed out by other people's hair - and a freezing cold shower - ouch! I feel for you there! But, I would have done the same thing - because after a couple of days without washing my hair, I would have bent over a sink if I had to!

Poor little Zechariah - I pray that he gets better very soon.