Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who Has Her Heart?

Little Boy: " When we get married..."
Little Girl: "I don't know if we are getting married" she quickly interrupts.

Boy: " But don't you want to get married?"
Girl: " Yes, but I don't know if it will be you."

Boy: " I will ask my daddy and he will say it is fine."
Girl: "Yeah but I am still little and you might not be my husband."

Boy: "I will still want to get married to you."
Girl: "But God might want me to marry someone else and not you."

Boy: " Don't you want to marry me?"
Girl smiles awkwardly, " I don't know yet."

Mommy, who is overhearing this conversation, jumps in, " Let's not talk about marriage. God has someone, Lord-willing, for her to marry and she needs to keep her heart for him only and not for anyone else. Until God brings this man in her life she needs not to think of other boys."

Boy: "But we want to marry one day."
Mommy: "Well, we don't need to talk about marriage now. You are both young and don't need to think of these things yet."


This conversation was between one of my girls and another little boy. Being the daddy and mommy we are, we don't want our children to give their hearts to lots of different people. A mistake we both made and see the danger in it. Some may see this conversation as innocent talk by two young kids, but we see it as possible danger in the future. If you let them talk this way as children, then they will think it is ok as 14 and 15 year old young adults to talk this way possibly to many of the other gender.

Later the the young girl and I have one of our special talks. During this time, I bring up the situation that had occurred earlier that week. I ask her how it made her feel. She said, "uncomfortable." I explain to her again why daddy and mommy don't want her to give her heart to anyone except...

She jumps in quickly and says, " My heart is for my daddy only, and God."

I was going to say her future husband, but when she said her "Daddy" this just blessed my heart.
It shows me the good job AJ is doing in raising her. I already knew he did well , but this was just an extra blessing to hear.

It started about a year ago when he took her out on a date. She was in a fancy dress, he dressed up in a suit. He brought her a red rose. They went out to dinner. They had a conversation about how he loved her a lot and wanted the best for her. He explained the details in why it is dangerous to give your heart to anyone besides her husband. He asked if she would give him her heart until the day comes when she meets and marries her husband, Lord-willing. She responded with "Yes."

As we parent and teach our children, we never really know how much they actually take in.
This is a time when it is obvious she listened, understood, and has submitted herself to her daddy.

Thank you AJ, for the good job you are doing with our daughters, capturing their hearts so they won't freely give it out to the world. For being a daddy they can willingly submit to. Just the fact that they want to submit to you in this area says they TRUST in you.

To my girl, I am proud of you and pray your heart will stay dedicated to your daddy until he puts your hand into another young mans hand on the day of your wedding.


Amy said...

This is sooooooooo sweet! I wonder if this conversation occurred with one of my boys??.. We try to teach them the same thing so let me know if it was so I can have a chance to talk to my little boy:)

Anonymous said...

The gravity of raising children is sanctifying, and capturing their hearts for the Father is too much for a mere man apart from Christ. The pressures and responsibilities, and our falling short can be overwhelming at times but this,... this makes it worth it all and more. There is truly no greater joy, what a blessing from God are our little ones, thanks be to Him for all things!

LynAC said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. You are so encouraging!
Just 3 more weeks! I'm so glad for you and will be checking to see who you've got--boy or girl!

I'm sorry you stay sick the whole time. May God give you strength to finish the marathon you are running! (((hugs)))

Theresa said...

Hi Christine,

No my daughter does not have cancer. My sister's student Erin died of brain cancer. We became involved with Relay and then my sister sent me a carepage. I met Julian and Coleman who are now both angels.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I am looking forward to getting to know you too.

love Theresa