Monday, February 2, 2009

Cooking With the Kids

A week ago last Friday morning, the kids and I made homemade apple butter. It was my first attempt at making it, but it seemed really easy...and it was.

First, we gathered all of our ingredients.

Kaylyn read to us ( with my help) the steps on how to make it. This was good for her since she struggles with reading.

Here is a picture of "E" adding his ingredient:

Katie Faith cheerfully added sugar to our recipe. "E" is watching with intense eyes wondering how he can sneak a few spoonfuls without me noticing:

Kaylyn adding cinnamon:

The kids taking turns stirring after everything was in:

The sweet aroma of the house while it was cooking had all of our mouths watering anticipating the finished product...which took 16 hrs. of cooking into the wee hours of night( good and simple project to do if you are studying Patience!).

Though I don't have a picture of it, "E" was our self-imposed "Taste Tester" of every ingredient...some A LOT more than the others! :)

That night, we made homemade biscuits to go with our apple butter.

Here are some pictures of us making them:

Yes...Elijah got to help out! And he also takes after his big brother "E" by sampling the this case, it happened to be globs and globs of butter! :

Cutting out the biscuits:

Kaylyn has the job of putting them in the oven:

And taking them out:

Elijah wanting to help with getting things in and out of the oven:

One of our pans of the finished product:

Saturday morning while taking our first taste of our homemade biscuits with our Apple Butter:

Everyone looks happy in these pictures, but reality was the biscuits turned out bad. To much salt was added! No one finished their biscuit and we opted to feed them to our pet rats.

Apple butter turned out good though! We are enjoying it on our toast for a snack or breakfast!

It was fun to spend time cooking together...even if it did take us 1 1/2 hrs. to make the biscuits when the preparation said it should take 15 minutes! :)


Unknown said...

I love the picture of Elijah with the potholders...too cute!

Tracy said...

Fun and Yummy!

Taryn said...

I love cooking with my kids too! It is always a lot of fun! And you're right, it doesn't matter how it turns out. It's the effort and time spent together that counts!

Kristy said...

It's making me hungry for some biscuits and jelly! Could you post a recipe for the apple butter? I never thought of making it in a crock pot - though I have never looked up a recipe for it before. I'm sure the whole house would smell yummy!

Laura said...

What a precious post/ time had with the kids! You have a beautiful family!

I wanted you to know I put you and your family in our prayer book, we have morning devotions with our kids and pray for those in the prayer book. I pray that all goes well with your delivery, and that God gives you a peace that only He can give.(U/S don't kow it all!)

October is Ds awareness month and I posted daily about Jonathan, he truly is an amazing child. Words can't tell you how I feel about him. If Baby #5 for you is blessed with Ds, life will be different. Not a bad different just a little slower, in this we have seen much more of Gods beauty in life as a whole. I could go on for days, but time doesn't permit.

I put you on my blog roll, and will continue to check in on your family.