Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biggest Yet?

Yesterday I went to see my OB and have an ultrasound. I am 37 weeks today and the dr. plans to take the baby by c-section on March 4, 2009 which is in 2 weeks, can you believe it? 2 weeks and we will finally get to meet our "Little Bambina/Bambino!!!

The U/S went well. They were checking for the markers of Down Syndrome to see if they are still present. What did I find out? The baby was stubborn and would not move the right ways for the lady to tell. She did say, however, in her opinion, if the baby has Down's, it will be a mild case.

It was fun to see the baby. Especially when it moved and I could actually feel it! At times, our "Little One" poked "his" tiny lips out, sucked, and loved showing "his" cute little toes. The only part we did not get to see move were the hands...they were resting on the chin and the side of the head all balled up ( this is part of the test they could not do because baby stayed that matter how much we poked).

Foot:3D picture of the face...with the hands near it!:

She measured the baby and right now it weighs 5 pounds and 6 oz. So I asked her if the baby should be about 6 1/2 pounds when born and she looked at me and said, "This baby will be over 7 pounds"! SEVEN POUNDS!!! I have never had one this will be our biggest yet! I won't know what to do with a big baby!!! :)

While looking at our baby on the screen, it reminded me of how great of a Creator I serve. God has formed this wee little one in my womb. It was not once a monkey and did not get here by accident. It was placed in me by my great God. He planted this baby in my womb forming it to His liking. Each tiny finger, each heartbeat, etc. I thank God for His wonderful works!

Well, after the U/S, my dr. was not in so I saw another one who checked me and said I have not begun dilating which is a good thing since I will be having the c-section. I will have another U/S on Monday! I can't wait to see our gift from God again!

To God be the Glory!!!


Amy said...

That is so exciting! Can't wait to meet this little blessing:)

Kristy said...

Yeah! Cute ultrasound pics - I never had a 3-D one before, lots of regular ones, but not that one! Can't wait to "meet" the new little one also. I remember almost 10 years ago, I found out I was going to be having a scheduled C-Section - on March 24th!

Laura said...

Wow! happy to hear about your U/S. We continue to pray for you and your family. What precious U/S pictures!

JennyH said...

Good luck tomorrow- assuming the big day is still the 4th!!